CLOVER HOUSES project designed starting out of the idea “One clover for 4 families” have been detailed in two distinct construction system such as container and prefabricated. In both construction systems, all structural calculations were carried out assuming Van climatic conditions and the products were detailed accordingly. All plans have a bathroom comprising of shower, closet, washbasin, kitchen sink and lower cabinet. Our solutions consisting of different plan types have been prepared according to the fastest production, fastest shipment and fastest assembly processes.

Our Clover Containers measure 3 × 7 m in size and standard comfort conditions are provided to meet the basic needs of a family. In a 21 m2 container; there are 1 kitchen sink, bathroom with shower, toilet and sink and two rooms. Van climatic conditions were taken into considerations in the structural calculations ; and Manufacturing is detailed according to these criteria. Our containers the whole assembly works of which are completed in our factories in İstanbul, are dispatched to Van by road and rail transportation.

Clover House solutions are 25-30 square meters in size and consist of 2 rooms, bathroom, toilet and kitchen. It is thought that the needs of large families and more families will be met by increasing the quantity of clovers in such a way as to integrate them together in groups of 1, 2, 3, 4 units. Assembly of the buildings, which is dispatched as panel components in the prefabricated system, are carried out in Van. The prefabricated buildings, which normally located onto a concrete base, for the solution manufactured for Van, is installed onto a specially insulated steel chassis manufactured in the factory. Fibercemet material with incombustibility feature of Euroclass A1 fire rating is employed completely. With this system, fast assembly, fast transportation, earthquake and fire resistant quality buildings are manufactured.