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Sustainable Buildings for Sustainable World

We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Native-American Proverb
What kind of world we have taken over from previous generations? What kind of world will we leave to future generations? We can have a better world to live in if we use eco-friendly products instead of leaning heavily on the ecology when we are developing.

For us sustainability is a whole: R&D stage of the product (selection of construction system, materials selection etc), selection and management of supplier, good dialogue with the customer and products we offer to the customer, contribution to the ecology, a habitable environment are essential parts of this whole. Individual efforts combine to produce big results. It is possible to develop, live comfortably and protect the inheritance we borrow from future generations by pursuing conscious policies.

As Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş, we act with this conscious and we will continue to do so.


25% of the cellulose used in Fiber Cement is provided from recycled paper. We chose to work with Fiber Cement Technology to avoid deforestation and because it has A1 class incombustibility feature (Fiber Cement is cemented natural plate. It does not contain wood chips or wood).


Achieved the production of ECOLOGIC container (Mars) also mentioned as “Zero carbon container” which has “0” greenhouse gas emission as a result of our R&D Works, to leave a habitable world to future generations. A class range is 0 – 39. Range of Mars container is “19,37”.


We changed into weldless construction technology to reduce / completely remove gases emitted during welding.


4-5-6 storey, ecologic light steel structures will be presented to the service of the whole world.