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Health container structures can be used for infirmary, hospital outhouses, laboratory, field hospital functions. Hygiene is an indispensable necessity for these containers as they are serving under the title of health. All details applied on wet volumes and other places are structured accordingly.

The most important advantage of container implementations is that preliminary production is completely performed in the factory environment. This means the demanded product is ready for use at the moment it is consigned. Therefore it is especially used in environments where there are urgent needs and the geography is not convenient for construction. The containers can be set on the area it will be placed with the help of a crane and without any special application, because of the frame they have, that is their feature of being with a base. In the event the containers are interlocked, the joining surfaces are left open and interlocking details are resolved at the site.

Our related containers are produced as monoblock and demounted in Hekim Panel and Hekim Classic system. The material used on the exterior of the containers can be painted galvanized sheet or A-1 class incombustible fiber cement material. Electric and sanitary installations can be designed optionally as flush mounted or surface mounted.