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Emergency Settlement Buildings

Emergency Settlement Solutions

Emergency Settlement Buildings

Prefabricated Emergency Settlement Buildings

Prefabricated emergency life units are constructed to meet emergency habitation needs of great number of people arising from natural disasters as earthquake, flooding, tsunami and suchlike, as well as disasters not arising from natural causes.

Our Standard solutions comprising from various plan types were prepared by considering the fastest production, delivery and assembly processes. Our prefabricated emergency life units named Yonca Housing Solutions were actualized with the logic of “One Clover for 4 Families” and satisfying the sheltering needs of large families and more families in number with the increasing number of clovers by putting them in groups of unary, binary, trinary and quaternary side by side, were considered.

The mounting of prefabricated emergency life units produced with Hekim Panel System are performed on concrete ground. However, for unsuited ground Yonca houses are also produced in frames (sub-flooring building). The comfort requirements and details of the building are designed by considering tough conditions. The goal is to solve the sheltering problems of the people in need as fast as possible.