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Prefabricated House

Single Storey, Duplex and Multi_storey Prefabricated Houses

Prefabricated House

The load-bearing construction of prefabricated houses are produced weldless with ST52 high density galvanized steel. All joints of steel dwellings are secured with bolts and nuts. The exterior sidings are made with FIBERCEMENT (silicate based cemented ready-made plate) branded HEKİMBOARD or drop siding branded TURKSIDING or plates with tile design in these ready for construction houses. This structure is preserved in all other ready for construction dwellings as well.


  • Prefabricated Houses are structures ready for construction and first degree earthquake resistant.
  • Prefabricated houses are flexible and light buildings. They only shake and do not get torn down even in strong earthquakes.
  • Mounting period of prefabricated houses are much shorter than concrete buildings. Besides these dwellings can be demounted and mounted time and again.
  • The ready for construction houses we mentioned can be produced with heating and static calculations proper to all kinds of climate conditions.
  • The houses of Prefabrik Yapı do not corrode, deform and can be used securely for many years, because the whole load-bearing system is made from high density galvanized steel.


  • Fibercement used on the siding of prefabricated houses is produced from natural materials and it is eco-friendly.
  • There is no asbestos or any material hazardous to health in fibercement.
  • Fibercement used on the siding of prefabricated structures is noncombustible, does not melt and helps for the extinguishing of existing fire.
  • Fibercement is not effected from water and its water absorption rate is lower than concrete buildings.

Multiple-Storey Prefabricated House

Housings built with high rise light steel technology are positively discriminated against other building systems in our country, which is face to face with the reality of earthquakes, with their durability, high technology and superior earthquake performance. This technology also allows for the opportunity to provide very special comfort conditions to the users and producing buildings with maximum energy performance by means of its flexible design criteria provided in the architecture. Efficiency and productivity is increased by eliminating unnecessary material usage. It is built 3 times faster than traditional building systems. On the other hand, high quality and low cost products are offered to the users.
These housings, built with 90% recycled steel, are environment-friendly and examples of sustainable architecture by their nature. The system stands out with its advantages in fire and insulation with A-1 class incombustible and eco-friendly fiber cement used in the coating of all steel carcasses. Therefore, designs created within the frame of green building/ecological building are realized in maximum productivity with this technology.