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Multi-Storey Buildings

Multi-Storey Solutions

Multi-Storey Buildings

Creating faster assembled, better quality, more spaced-out, more durable and higher buildings are inevitable in the direction of demands and requirements coming from our customers in prefab sector. Our multi-storey building project realizes a system installation where basically developing technologies will be used in the production system while aiming for compatibility to developing technologies and improving them.

Maximum 3-storey pre-produced light steel buildings are built with the existing technology and machine lines in our country. 4-storey buildings can only be built by using heavy steel profiles and welding. Light steel buildings can be designed and built up to 8 storey, thanks to the new technology we use in our multi-storey light steel building system.

Designing high-rise buildings becomes viable in our country, where we live with the reality of the earthquake, with the most resistant system to earthquake. This technology provides ideal conditions not only for housing, but for school buildings, student hostels, military buildings, health center buildings etc. as well.

Our new product groups provide emergency construction opportunity both for state emergency situations such as natural disasters, mobilizations, refuge resettlements and building mobile buildings at the border or beyond fire departments, as well as hospitals, police stations and military facilities after disasters. Light steel high rise building system is ideal in these situations due to land being small and infrastructure not taking a lot of space.

By means of production systems we will use for multi-storey buildings;

  • Demands from national and international markets will be met.
  • Our competitive power will increase in the international market with our new multi-storey product groups.
  • Higher quality and more low-cost products will be offered to the users.
  • Environment-friendly high rise buildings will be produced with sustainable building system.
  • Our technology infrastructure will be developed.
  • Added value will be provided in all product groups with specially sectioned profile designs and development of special software within the scope of light steel technology.
  • Import substitution will be generated.
  • Contribution will be provided to national economy, consequently to the increase of employment.
  • Green building, passive house and ecological building designs will be carried in maximum productivity.
  • Efficiency and productivity will be increased by eliminating unnecessary material usage.
  • Multi-storey building system provides maximum energy saving.
  • Maximum comfort conditions can be provided due to allowing of flexible design criteria.