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Monoblock, Demountable and Interlocked Containers

Containers are structures providing ease of assembly in different areas together with fast manufacturing, ease of transportation, superior insulation values. Container systems that satisfy all the mobilization services needed in the construction sector, offer quality living spaces. Container houses in addition to dormitory, dining hall, social facilities, offices, WC and shower structures, emergency settlement solutions, it also find solutions for housing needs.

Our company, which has always been a pioneer with the innovations and technologies brought to the ready-made building sector since 1989, actualizes the manufacturing of containers for maximum mobilization, aesthetics and functionality. It assured manufacturing guarantee wit its integrated facilities as well. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. with a container production capacity is 6750 units/month makes difference with manufacturing guarantee.

Container Manufacturing

Containers manufactured with weldless connection technology and bolt and nut fasteners, can be made as single, double and triple storey depending on the geographical characteristics of the place of use and the purpose of use. For the surface covering of the products, painted galvanized steel sheet or HekimBoard branded fibercement boards, which make difference with superior features and Euroclass A1 fire rating, are used.

Containers, according to the purpose of use, place of use and types of use, are manufactured as Hekim Panel or Hekim Classic system, monoblock, disassembled and combined. Electrical and sanitary installations, according to preference, are designed as either flush or surface-mounted. In addition to standard flat roof applications, sloping roof solutions are also used where additional roofing is required.

Standard container products are manufactured in two different sizes as 3,00 × 7,00 m and 2,40 × 6,00 m. Multi-storey structures in camp and construction sites can be positioned by combining standard containers. In addition, in accordance with the needs and demands of customers by making the necessary structural calculations, custom-sized containers can be manufactured where appropriate.


Monoblock Panel System
It is the manufacturing system which makes the product ready for shipment by completing all manufacturing operations in the factory environment of container types, to be used. The assembly of all structural components is completed in the factory environment and then loading and dispatch operations are carried out in this state.


Demountable Panel System
In this manufacturing system, its prefabrication is carried out in the factory environment before the assembling the ceiling and base chassis constituting the container and the components constituting the walls. It is made ready for transportation with special packaging system and shipped to the region where it will be used.


Combined Panel System
It is the manufacturing system used to create multi-storey spaces by assembling two or more containers together. Prefabrication operations are completed in the factory and assembly operations at the location where it will be placed.

Container Types and Usage Areas

Housing SolutionsContainer House Types
Construction Site SolutionsDining Hall, Dormitory, Social Facility
Office SolutionsContainer Offices and Sales Offices
Package HousePackage House Models

The main purpose of the use of containers is the mobilization of construction sites. In the construction site they are preferred for the satisfaction of the needs such as refectory, dormitory, social facilities, toilet and shower structures, infirmary and so on.
In addition, the containers, which manufactured in the factory environment, are used as emergency accommodation units after natural disasters. To this end our company is able to meet the needs of life in the fastest way with folding container and nested container products after the studies of R & D and P & D team.
Another application area of containers is container house solutions. These structures, which are generally preferred by the end consumer, are mostly used in seasonal, non-zoning land and to meet short-term needs.
In addition to the above major areas of use, containers are also used for educational, health, military and camping buildings with combined container systems.

Why Container?

Container | Prefabricated Solutions
Containers, which are one of the symbols of the building and construction sector, are preferred as the most preferred prefabricated buildings for many advantages. The prominent features of preference of container types can be listed as follows.

  • Manufacturing is fast.
  • low cost.
  • shows resistance to different climatic conditions..
  • With its weldless connection system, it has higher strength than other varieties.
  • Resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes.
  • It does not combust and be affected by water with fibercement boards.
  • It is of high quality.
  • Easy to dispatch.
  • It is used many times.
  • Provides ease of loading and installation.

Conditions to be Considered in Container Installation

Container | Prefabricated Solutions
  • The leveling of the ground on which the container will be placed should be ensured. Otherwise, problems may occur in the operation of door and window joinery.
  • It must be ensured that the main frame is fully supported on the surface where the container is positioned.
  • The container should be connected to 2 × 2 cm lifting lugs in the upper corners and lifted and lowered by crane.
  • Ropes must be cross-linked as shown.
  • The rope lengths should be equal and the angle with the horizontal should not be less than 20 ° (36% slope).
  • The hook should be attached on the large surface and ,it should be lifted after the balance is achieved by shifting the hook to the heavy side
  • In order to extend the life of the container, it should be placed on a level surface (concrete etc.) or on battens having a size of short side dimension at an interval of maximum 2.5 meters.
  • It should be checked that the door can be opened and closed and locked easily.