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Modular Cabin Solutions


The cabins and containers we produce are used in many areas domestically and abroad. Some of the areas of use are sales points, security and check points. Hebo City cabins are street furnitures which are elegant units that strike the eye in the chaos of everyday life. They are also produced to be used in the areas of exhibition and beach and as changing room and they are all purpose. They can be used in many areas such as guard duty cabins for the police and the military, bread sales point and kiosk, WC, shower cabin, office and bureau cabins, storage cabin, modular metal cabin, dining hall and dormitory units.

Advantages of Modular Cabinet Products

  • They can be transported easily.
  • It is easy to clean..
  • Light.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • of high quality.
  • Provides superior insulation.
  • Manufactured faster.
  • It provides quick assembly and disassembly.
  • It is economical.

Cabin Types


Standard Cabin

Production of various module units are also effected by Prefabrik Yapi A.S. to satisfy the contemporary requirements with the influences of urban design on the new perceptipn of city planning. Light steel technology is used in the manufacture of these products which are used as urban furniture. The modular structures produced from steel carcassed and sandwich panel systems are easy to carry and clean and provide opportunity for mobile use with their lightness.
Fiber cement material is used on interior and exterior wall coverings of all our products and contemporary, elegant and eco-friendly new products are produced, thanks to this. Also our new products designed by using HEKIMPANEL meet the demands of our customers fully with the criteria of being eco-friendly, having high-quality and high insulation, faster production and assembly features and more affordable.
Cabin production in various sizes, apart from our standard cabins, is available within the direction of various needs of the customers through our expert technical staff.


Hekim City Cabin

These specially designed products emerge with the combining of environmentalist raw materials with the latest technology and blending them with the requirements of today’s urban development. They provide great compliance to urban texture with the adundance of facing varieties prepared with the consideration of current housing, while offering big solutions in small spaces. They comply to the new urban development perception with various color and pattern alternatives used in modern designs.
Our Hekimcity cabins is the most preferred product group especially for prestigious applications. The exteriors are completely covered with A-1 class incombustible fiber cement surface covering material in HekimCITY which is produced with Hekim light steel system. It is possible to produce elegant solutions with various pattern alternatives of fiber cement. It is available to fulfill Works in various function and dimensions according to customer’s demands.


Sales and Kiosk Cabin

The modular structures resolved with steel carcass and Hekim Sandwich Panel systems details are especially preferred for mobile use with their features such as easy to carry and clean and being light. Elegant facing solution alternatives are created on cabins used for sales with fiber cement surface covering material. Implementations apart from standard sizes are made for various uses. Box offices, kiosques, parking lot booths are some of the implementation examples.
These specially designed products emerge by blending ecological raw material with superior technology. They provide great compliance to urban texture with their appearance, thanks to the abundance of facing variety they have; while offering multi-function solutions in small inner spaces with these features.
Stylish and comfy facings can be created with A-1 class incombustible fiber cement covering material in all multi-purpose use Hekim Cabin implementations.


WC Cabin For The Disabled

Places such as public restaurants, hotels, theaters, doctor’s offices, pharmacies, retail stores, museums, libraries, parks, gyms, stadiums, schools, training centers, educational institutions, outpatient nursing and treatment facilities with all government offices shall be designed for easy access for disabled people.
All of our products designed in compliance to basic standards that will assist disabled and some of the elderly people to be comfortable in urban and architectural environments and to help them join urban life more easily are produced with light steel technology.
The freedom to access premises and places without obstacles, which is defined by the concepts of penetrability and accessibility, is the determinant in our product designs.
The special designs we create for the disabled are generated by considering door, platform slope, accessory varieties and material compatible to physically handicapped standards. Ceramic material is used on the covering of WC floors for the disabled, as they are easy to clean and durable. Stainless steel is used on the washbasins and bottom surface is resistant to fire. The products specially designed for disabled citizens are produced in toilet seats and other accessories. There should be hanger pegs for canes. A mirror and a shelf can be required in wheelchair designs.