PREFABRİK YAPI A.Ş., one of the pioneer companies in Turkey and in the world, resumes, with increasing capacity and new investments, the route on which it started out in 1989 with such a vision as to change the construction culture in Turkey,.

There are three major manufacturing technologies in our company, which is one of the important corporations in the world, which manufactures its own material with the possession of technology, facility, production, high capacity and broad product range, in its many integrated facility in its sector.

It is possible to sort, as follows, the most important reasons that the readymade buildings the preliminary manufacturing is carried out in the factory area, are preferred not only for temporary use (emergency accommodation units, construction site buildings, etc.), but also for buildings constructed for permanent use such as educational buildings, commercial buildings, residences or the like functions.


• Resistant to earthquake.
• Stronger structure with less material. Low building costs.
• Manufacturing is fast and error-free.
• Fast installation.
• Provides a clean environment on site..
• It is light.
• Manufacturing and quality can be controlled.
• can be installed in any climate.
• Galvanizing protects steel from rust and pests.
• It can be disassembled and re-installed many times.
• Economic.
• Steel is environment friendly. Recyclable.

Three important production technologies are employed in our factories as Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.

Specially Designed Weldless connection Technology; The steel construction of the buildings is manufactured from high quality structural steel on the StructureROBOT machine line. All constructions of the standard buildings are manufactured from high standard galvanized steel and bolts and nuts are used at the connection points.

Fibercement (Natural Cement Board) Technology; On the surfaces of the buildings, environmentally friendly, fireproof, weather-resistant, water-resistant panels with TURKSIDING, HEKIMBOARD and FIBERCEMENTLAM brands, having different surface alternatives and size variations, which is produced by HEKİM YAPI A.Ş that is one of the Holding companies.

Architectural Design and Software Technology; X-Steel, ArchiCAD, Strucad, AutoCAD, Revit, SAP 2000 software programs are used for precise and error-free manufacturing of all technical, structural and detail solutions of our structures.

It offers products and services to private and public institutions and individual users with a portfolio of more than 20,000 customers inland and abroad. Thanks to its closely monitored production and software technologies, it makes a difference in its sector. It produces in 70.000 m2 open and 30.000 m2 indoor areas

Prefabricated Yapı: 60.000 m2/month
Container: 2.100 ad/month
Steel building: 50.000 m2/month

Our Quality and Warranty Certificates; GOST, CE, TSE, ISO9001-2000 QMS, Health Certificate, Service Qualification Certificate, Euroclass A1 Fire Rating Certificate, Hygiene Certificate, certificate of manufacturing competence.