Our client mainly developing projects in the defense industry sector, fulfilled many turn-key engineering projects for domestic and overseas private sector and governmental institutions with success since 1991. Approximate building usage area is 5.700 m2in the project developed as a military camp ground in Azerbaijan and production, shipment and assembly of 240 units of containers in various type and dimensions were realized with success.
Our Hekim Panel Containers produced with Steel sheet+EPS+Steel sheet details are singly and interlockedly used for storage, gun room, guardrooms, worker, commander and soldier sleeping quarters, Office, briefing and meeting room, infirmary, dormitory, WC and shower functions. Sandwich roofing panel application was put into practice in the roofing application of the project detailed according to the climate specifications of the location it is established. Special attention was shown to the detail work performed outside our standard applications in this Project realized for NATO and applied meticulously.