The container allowing easy transportation, fast production and assembly in a short time, is a ready-made structure produced for different purposes. You may create quality living spaces with container systems used in many sectors, especially in the construction sector. The buildings produced with various container dimensions, help you create mobile and standard living spaces. The buildings used in many areas from the tourism sector to temporary housing including container houses, are comfortable since they are produced with new technologies. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., that is one of the leading companies in the ready-made construction sector easily meets all your needs with the containers produced in the Hekim sandwich panel system.

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Most Preferred Container Dimensions

The containers may produce in different container dimensions. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., that produces in special dimensions as well as standard dimensions, succeeds in being a solution partner in all projects by responding to the different requests of users. The buildings prepared with special container dimensions, are produced in disassembled or ready-to-use form and transported to the area where they will be placed. The containers requested in large dimensions, are safely transported to the area of use by sea transport, in which different modes of transport are used. The most preferred container dimensions in Turkey and in foreign markets are 2.40 m/3.00 m width and 6.00 m/7.00 m length. The transportation of containers produced in these dimensions is mostly provided by sea. You may also have comfortable work and social living spaces thanks to the buildings produced with container dimensions suitable for the purpose and place of use. For this;

  • The demounted and monoblock container or combined container models may be used in many areas from emergency living units to social facilities at construction sites.
  • The containers produced in standard dimensions, may be partitioned optionally.
  • The containers produced in standard dimensions, are ideal for creating functional living spaces in medium and large scale projects.
  • The large living spaces can be obtained by combining demounted and monoblock containers.

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Container Areas of Usage

The container buildings offering practical solutions for different intended purposes, meets both individual and collective usage needs. The container houses that quickly meet all emergency shelter needs, especially in refugee camps, have comfortable interior spaces.

  • Most of the temporary houses built after natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires and floods consist of container buildings. The houses produced in a comfortable and stylish architectural design with various container dimensions, also provide the opportunity for permanent life.
  • The models produced as summer houses, mountains, vineyards, country and farm houses are designed with features in order to meet all needs.
  • The modular buildings offering the advantage of fast production, transportation and installation, easily meet the needs of the personnel working in large construction sites such as office, security cabin, dining hall, toilet, shower, dormitory, infirmary and social facility.
  • It also offers practical solutions for living spaces such as military camps and training camps.
  • The additional building needs of public institutions such as the municipality, may be easily met with buildings offering different container dimensions.
  • Large-scale working areas such as construction site management buildings, police and gendarmerie centers, kindergarten, marketing offices, field hospital, laboratory, monitoring centers, may be created with container systems.
  • The warehouses in places such as ports, factories and airports, goods warehouses, cold storage rooms affiliated to the food chain man also be built with container buildings.

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Functional Solutions with Container Systems

The products designed with special container dimensions, offer solutions that meet different usage needs. The durable containers systems are ideal for buildings such as architectural offices, buffet, kiosk, taxi stands, vallet cabins and event organizations. You may produce fast solutions by choosing container buildings for your small, medium, large-scale living and working space needs. For this, you may meet your standard and special sized container requirements as soon as possible by contacting with Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. producing durable container with international standards.