Prefabrik Yapi Insaat Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S., as the leading firm of the light-steel sector, has participated in the Disaster Management Expo which has been organized in between 28-30th August with 198 m2 of area, has exhibited its products with concept of “the Emergency Housings for Earthquakes, Floods and Fires”.
Prefabrik Yapi A.S. has exhibited three different products in the Disaster Management Expo as its Sliding System Container, the Collapsible System Housing and Hekim Panel System WC Container which have been especially designed for emergency housing requirements, has become the point of attraction of all domestic and foreign visitors.
The expo and conference organizations which have been organized with the strategic partnership of Trio Istanbul Fuar Yapim A.S. have been performed by participations of the private and public institutions related with the theme. The guests from various countries especially the President of the Prime Ministry, the Management of Disasters and Emergencies (AFAD), Esteemed Dr. Fuat Oktay are among the visitors.
Economical Housings Which Can be Established only in 2 Minutes by Manpower
Konuya ilişkin açıklama yapan Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. Mr. Mustafa Tolunay, the Assistant General Manager of Prefabrik Yapi A.S., has said that, “as Prefabrik Yapi A.S., we have made an indelible impression not only in our country with our domestic achievements, but also in foreign countries with our export to almost 70 other countries. We owe those achievements understanding the social requirements correctly and continuing our operations accordingly. We have considered the Research and Development and Product Development activities directed to natural disasters because our country is located in an earthquake-prone-country and several earthquakes have been experienced recently and we have covered a great distance relate with that issue.
As result of these operations and studies, we have developed collapsible housing units which are one of the most important emergency requirements to fulfill temporary housing requirements of people right after natural disasters such as tsunamis, floods, fires and etc. as well as earthquakes, which can be established only in 2 minutes by manpower without needing any professional support. We aim to provide the accommodation (housing), health unit and disaster crisis unit and etc. requirements of people as soon as possible after any disasters.
It is possible to transport 14 of our housing units easily by a trailer which have been designed by taking the criteria as fast-production, fast-assembly and multiple-transport into consideration.
We can easily integrate any wet area modules to these units which can be manufactured in various sizes in accordance with your requests.
The hospital, classroom, crisis center and etc. structures established in 15 minutes…
Mr. Mustafa Tolunay, the Assistant General Director of Prefabric Yapi A.S., has indicated the solutions which they have developed for crisis centers, classrooms, hospitals and etc. structures needed in management phase of the crisis process other than the housing requirements, has added that their container units which are combined and enlarged up to 3 times larger than their volume have attracted great attention of domestic and foreign visitors. Then, he has mentioned that their new units which are used for storing, hangar, public soup kitchen, gathering center and etc. purposes for material storing requirements after a disaster have been designed collapsible and on fast production and fast assembly principles and it is possible to establish storage areas at requested height and large span, easily.