Fibercement boards, one of the ideal products used to achieve modern and architectural appearance as well as thermal and sound insulation in Prefabrik structures, are supplied for your structures with the quality of HekimBoard. Fibercement boards used in interor and exterior coatings aound the world are produced by combining organic or inorganic fiber filaments with the aid of cement used as binding element. Thanks to their ligtweight, they are comfortably used in prefabricated structures, accommodating to all climate conditions with their heat and humdity resistant nature.

Fibercement Boards, Everywhere

Fibercement boards manufactured using new generation coating technologies can be applied as interior and exterior façade coating. They are used in sandwich panel form as indoor partition walls as well as bottom layer or floor moulding for raised fllors. Additionally, fibercement is combined with different materials in wall element and under-tile material production for wet spaces. Fibercement boards also achieve successfull results in insulation when used as ceiling coating and roof coating bottom furnishing.

Fibercement boards ensure successfull results when used as eaves fascia and eaves bottom in exterior applications, and they are also used as concerete moulding material. Often used as jam around doors and windows, fibercement is also highly preferred as decorative material. Fibercement board products is a material frequently used in manufacturing of multi-storey structures as well as in exterior applications such as prefabricated pools, advertisement boards and display window decoration.

Wide Product Range

Standard fibercement boards are produced in pieces cut in standard 1250 mm width and lengths varying between 2500-3000 mm. The lengths depend on areas of use and structural needs, while mostly standard size boards are preferred. Plain fibercement boards are manufactured according to Class A1 anti-flammability, and have high resistance against heat. These standard size products are produced in thicknesses varying between 6 mm to 20 mm. Plain boards; offer four different options, namelt wood-patterned, natural and decorative stone patterned, fluted and new generation floted fibercement boards.

HekimBoard wood patterned autoclaved fibercement boards made of natural fiber cement based materials with cedar tree print offer both an elegant appearance, and eliminating rotting and pest problems of wood. From natural stone pattern to decorative stone pattern, and from obsfucatory brick pattern to walling, block and mixed stone pattern, elegant and robust fibercement products offer a wide range of models.

Fluted board products, new generation fluted boards in varying cuts and sizes as an alterantive offer a wide range of selection to meet all needs. Unlike plain boards, plain fluted, wood-patterned and stone patterned fluted fibercement board options in fluted fibercement board category stand out.

Aesthetics and Saftey in One

HekimBoard brand under Hekim Holding body brings forward robustness, quality, long life and elengance principles. Prefabricated construction materials that are produced in accordance with quality assurance systems leverage environmentally-friendiness. Environmentally-friendly fibercement board materials are free of inorganic elements harmful for human health and generating waste.

Fibercement boards accommodate well in excessively cold and hot climate conditions, and successfully pass Class A1 anti-fşammability tests. Having a lower water absorption rates compared to reinforced concrete structures, these boards increase robustness of the prefabricated structure as they have smaller expansion and shirnkage factors, and do not cause any issues on joints.They can be painted using water-based acryclic paint, which gives a long service life to fibercement boards. Other superior properties of fibercement board products are their odorless nature, resistance against animal and chemical wastes, portability and easily installation using suitable equipment.