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Guard Booth

Guard Booths equipped with Latest Security Technology

Guard Booth

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., which creates a significant added value in the sector with the manufacturing of guard booths for the needs of individuals and institutions, makes a difference for that it manufactures thermally and acoustically insulated incombustible living spaces from stainless galvanized steel sheet construction. Kinds of guard booth, suitable to the space, with aesthetic appearance is manufactured at proper dimensions; and it is used for long years without any trouble in many areas, primarily at the factories, shopping malls, and housing estates, and parking lots.

Guard Booths for Different Functions?

Guard booths which is designed for the security personnel who takes control of the building entrances and exits, while protecting guards from adverse weather conditions, it also contributes an outstanding atmosphere to the space. It is located as a practical and economical living space, at the entrance of buildings such as schools, shopping malls, factories, buildings and plaza; and it makes a difference with its appearance in addition to its functionality and it makes difference with its appearance in addition to its functionality. Prefabrik Yapı, with the types of quality and cost-effective guard booths, is the leading company of the sector, with its manufacturing too compliant with the modern urban buildings.

Quality And Reliable Guard Booths

With the guard booth types, our company, which manufactures professional solutions in small areas by using environmentally friendly raw materials, keeps all stages of manufacturing under control with its models it manufactures, and its 90% sub-group materials. As a company with a wide range of products; it responds to every need in the shortest time, always achieves the customer satisfaction by offering quality at economical prices. You can create your demand in a few minutes on the web site for your guard cabin which fits to every place, and you can make your difference by providing from our guard booths with strong references.

Professional Solution Partner in Guard Booths

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. manufactures the cabinet manufacturing, using the latest technological systems, and offers multifunctional solutions in every field with its material and manufacturing quality and creates quality living spaces. While contributing to the national economy with its increasing sales day by day, as the most reliable company in the sector, it always provides customer satisfaction with its sales and after sales services in the manufacturing of guard booths. You are at the right spot to meet your transportable, portable, quality and functional guard booth needs.

Eco Friendly Guard Booths

Our company distinguishes itself from its competitors as a eco-friendly company with its guard booth types manufactured from recyclable materials. With its professional R & D and P & D staff, it responds to the guard booth needs of individuals and institutions, manufactures with environmentally friendly materials and so cause its name to be heard as a company leading the readymade building sector. The guard booths are assembled by our corporate employees either in factory (shipped as assembled one-piece) or in its place (shipped in disassembled form) and delivered in the operative condition. With contemporary, aesthetic and industrial guard cabin designs, you can obtain the products suitable for every place from our company at the most economical prices, and you can benefit from the quality services of our company which is always with you after sales services.

Guard Booth Provision

Please fill out and send the quick request form on our website for your guard booth, which is required to be used in buildings, shopping centers, city information spots, factories, schools or other living spaces. For details, our customer representatives will return to you as soon as possible and will answer your questions by providing information about quality and reliable guard booth models that meet your needs. Our company is a competent and reliable company with its fast production capability specific to the customer, functional and aesthetic designs, wide range of products and economic prices.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., where you will find the types of guard booths resistant to challenging climatic conditions, is a leading company of the sector, which always focuses on customer-satisfaction; and It presents its difference with the services it offers to the distinguished brands, and it is always among the first choices with its production quality, production speed and modern designs and economic prices by delivering customer-specific projects in the shortest time.