Vocational School of Bahcesehir University has carried out a housing project for handicapped (“Engelsiz Ev”). This project has been carried out in coordination with Prefabrik Construction Corporation of Hekim Holding. First manufactured houses have been showed.
Ozlem Oguzoglu, Assistant General Manager of Prefabrik Construction Corporation said “Hekim Holding has provided support for the project with the social responsibility consciousness. Our aim is to provide a better living environment for visually handicapped people. We try our best to achieve our mission to change construction culture in Turkey and provide safe, aesthetic, economic and prefabricated buildings.”
Oguzoglu added “THE MOST SIGNIFICANT OBSTRUCTIONS ARE AT HOMES. There are 9 million handicapped people in Turkey and 700 thousand of them are visually handicapped. However, there are not sufficient projects to ease their lives at homes.” Assistant General Manager Ozlem Oguzoglu told “Therefore, it is difficult for them to participate in social life. Our houses which we manufactured in order to meet their requirements at home have been designed according to inquiry results carried out with visually handicapped people registered to Association of Visual Handicapped People. Firstly, the problem fields have been determined and then technological solutions have been created.”
The project which was designed by Inci Zaim Gokbay, Instructor at Vocational School of Bahcesehir University and the students at Research and Development Unit in Kupkokarge has been enriched visually with contributions of the companies, Somfy, Mimteks, GPD bathroom and Kitchen Armatures and Schneider Electric.
Entrance with the finger print and voice recognition system without keys
Cupboard/Closet and Library Systems with voice
Oval furniture designs
Recycling systems for prevention water and electric consumption
Voice Warning Systems at electrical sockets on wall