Prefabrik Yapı stand was greeted with great interest at the Libya Build 2012 Exhibition, the biggest and most important construction exhibition in the country, which was carried out in Libya’s capital city of Trablus between the dates of 20-24 May. Geographical and cultural affinity with affordable cost and high-quality material appear as the most important elements increasing the demand at the fair.
We got the chance to meet with new customers besides our existing customers by virtue of the exhibition in Libya where reconstruction process is continuing in accelaration after the elections in June. It is observed there is need for construction to especially provide for meeting infrastructure and urgent needs at the first step in Libya, where all kinds of construction is required due to the post-war situation. Emergency settlement buildings appear as primary needs for this period. Steps shall be taken to constitute infrastructure and social living space subsequently. As Prefabrik Yapı A.S. we have provided all ki