The production of autoclaved fibercement board (natural fiber reinforced cement board), which can be produced by very few companies in the world, and shore siding panels are actualized in our country with TURKSIDING, HEKİM BOARD and FIBERCEMENTLAM brands, only by HEKİM YAPI ENDÜSTRİSİ SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş., a Hekim Holding subsidiary in its production facilities, with 20,000 m2 indoor area founded on 100,000 m2 land in 2nd Organized Industrial Zone in Hendek/Adapazarı, having a capacity of 80.000 m3.

Fibercement sheets produced with know-how licenses obtained from two different companies, have attracted the attention of all end users in a short time and a great demand has started to be created.

Fibercement interior and exterior wall cladding panels produced under the brand of HEKIMBOARD can be used safely in almost every point of the buildings, particularly prefabricated houses in the first place. Due to its many superior properties in addition to the such feature as fire retardant class with A 1 rating, it can be easily employed as inner and outer wall cladding boards and panel, in ceiling coverings, in raised floor and intermediate floor slabs, in intermediate sections, as support board under roofing material, as ceramic and under-tile material in wet areas; the fibercement boards that are produced at every desired thickness ranging from 6 mm to 20 mm with a surface pattern of plain, cedar, brick and natural stone, will be a much sought product in parallel to the level of recognition by the users.

Fibercement boards produced by HEKİM YAPI are categorized in the fireproof building material group with A1 fire rating, according to EN13501-1. Despite the fact that there is a report from a certified laboratory in this respect, the fibercement (concrete with fibers) products are included in the material group considered to be fireproof with A1 fire rating in the Annex-2 / C list of the fire regulations without introducing a test. Due to the said feature, it is a great advantage in terms of safety of life and property so that it is used in schools, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, military buildings and similar buildings where fire resistance is very important.

Fibercement boards will not be the source of a fire in any way and help to extinguish the existing fire by preventing it from spreading. It is absolutely unaffected by water. Free swell index is less than 0,5 mm/m. Most of the tests applied within the scope of the Turkish Standard (TS EN 12467) to which it is applicable, are related to the properties and strength values of the boards against heat, water and freezing. Since they consist of a mixture of cement and silica, they are autoclaved under high temperature and pressure, so their lifetime is theoretically infinite. Resistant to many chemicals. the coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than concrete.

It can be easily used in all places where wooden appearance is desired since it offers a warm appearance with cedar pattern. it can be reliably used in humid environments since it does not rot definitely. Due to its paintability, it can be painted in desired colors so different aesthetic appearance can be obtained. It does not require specific maintenance and protection. Application is extremely easy. They can be machined with proper tools. It features a good acoustic and thermal insulation. because it is a breathable material, it allows the building to breath as well.

Produced entirely from natural materials. It does not contain substances that pose risks for health such as asbestos, formaldehyde and the like substances. There is no harmful gas emission even when exposed to high temperatures. It has no harmful effects on the environment and human. It is not affected by any pest that is harmful to wood; and does not host pest inside. Since it is not affected by sea water, it can be reliably used especially in coastal structures. Due to its high strength value, it is resistant to crashes and impacts. Because it is light, it is pretty easy to carry and apply and it provides economy with serious labor and material saving in buildings.