Suleyman Peker, Nurol Insaat Purchasing Manager says “Otoyol A.S. has awarded Istanbul-Izmir motorway project to 6 construction companies. Nurol Insaat has undertaken construction of the part of the project between Balıkesir-Kirkagac and it is in the position of pilot company with the authority to have a voice in the project. We place emphasis on quality in out projects and work with leading companies in the sector as solution partners.”
1.)Mr. Peker, can we know a little bit about you?
I am working for Nurol Insaat for 36 years. I started as a driver of purchasing officer and later became Purchasing Officer and then Purchasing Chief. I am continıing to work as the Purchasing Manager of Nurol Insaat at the moment.
2.)Nurol Insaat is listed among World’s Biggest International Contractors and World’s Biggest Global Contractors. What will you say about this accomplishment of Nurol Insaat?
NUROL Insaat was founded in Ankara in 1966 as the first and leading company of NUROL Group of Companies. Nurol Insaat has moved its operations to international arena in its 15th year and petrol producing Arab countries, especially Saudi Arabia in the ‘80’s and Russian Federation and CIS countries founded after the disintegration of Soviet Union, in the 90’s were the focal points of overseas operations. Middle East and North Africa were included in the area of interests once again starting with the new millennium. Domestic operations continued in full speed during this time, as well and many projects were added as references within the scope of Turkey’s leading industrial facilities and infrastructure investments.
NUROL Insaat’s, the flagship of NUROL Holding Group of Companies consisting of more than 40 affiliated company and partnership spanning in different fields of activity from Construction to Trade and Machine Industry companies making their way in 1979 to Defense Industry, Banking and Finance to Hotel Management and Tourism companies founded in 1989, field of activity covers fourteen countries from UAE, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria and Iraq to Georgia, Poland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Afghanistan spread on a wide geographical area.
3.)Can you tell us about Istanbul- Izmir motorway project?
Otoyol A.S. has awarded this project to 6 construction companies. Nurol Insaat has undertaken construction of the part of the project between Balıkesir-Kirkagac and it is in the position of pilot company with the authority to have a voice in the project.
The bidding for Gebze-Orhangazi-Izmir Motorway Project (including Izmit Bay Crossing and Connecting Roads) was realized on 9 April 2009 and construction and operation proposal of 22 years and 4 months given by Nurol-Ozaltin-Makyol-Astaldi-Yuksel-Gocay Group was determined as the most suitable proposal.
An Implementation Contract was signed between General Directorate for Highways and OTOYOL YATIRIM VE ISLETME A.S. on 27 September 2010 to carry out the project and OTOYOL A.S. has started operations following equity capital utilization in the direction of implementation contract and signing of the contract.
4.)How many people work in the project?
Over 400 at the sites in Orhan Gazi and Yalova, the figure will be above 800 with the work that will begin between Balikesir-Kirkagac.
5.)How did you meet the dormitory, cafeteria and office space needs of the people working in this project?
The comfort of our personnel and meeting their needs are very important for us. We provided the mobile building needs of our site in Altinova from Prefabrik Yapi A.S. Buildings for cafeteria, dormitory and offices for the administrative personnel of Nurol Insaat and Nurol Celik companies were procured at the first stage. We care a lot for comfort conditions of both our white and blue collar personnel. Our general approach is to provide spaces of comfort for our personnel and if the comfort of our employees is ensured, then our efficiency as a company will increase, as well.
6.)What were your most important criteria in your preference of company?
Our primary criteria was quality and we look for the same specifications such as experience and expertise in its field, in the firms the worked/will work with. We received proposals from 4 companies. We preferred Prefabrik Yapi A.S. as approach of quality and price were combined together. Besides, Prefabrik Yapi A.S. has already rendered mobile buildings of our sites in Morocco and Algeria before and we were very happy with the results. Especially mobile buildings in Morocco were crucial for us, as mobile buildings were carried in two different sites for the motorway project. One of the most important criteria for us is to work with an experienced company known in its sector.
7.)What is the distinction of Prefabrik Yapi A.S. from those of other companies?
Being a leader in its sector, expertise and high product and service quality differentiates Prefabrik Yapi A.S. Large construction companies such as Nurol Insaat have continuing projects all the time, so we have to use these buildings in different measurements and for different purposes in other sites. Prefabrik Yapi A.S. provides us this service with minimum amount of time for demounting and mounting. Its post-mounting services are also very important for us.
8.)Did you visit Prefabrik Yap A.S. production facilities when you were making these purchases; how did you decide?
We did not need to visit production facilities, because the quality of the production is there, besides we are talking about a brand with a sectoral experience of 24 years. We were happy with the service we received for the mobile buildings in Algeria, so it directed us to work with Prefabrik Yapi A.S. in other projects, as well.
We decided together with Mr. Mehmet Buyurgan (Deputy General Manager) and Hilmi Ozkazanc (Regional Manager) who have experience in every field of construction sector, during purchasing phase.
9.)Prefabrik Yapi A.S. procures 90% of all its materials for its products from other group companies. Was this an advantage for you?
We used fiber cement products of Hekim Yapi, another company of Hekim Holding, for “ODAC/AL-FATEH UNIVERSITY PROJECT” in Libya in August 2009. This gave us a big advantage in our following projects. We can say that supplying 90% of all products from one place gives us a big advantage from all angles.
10.)What are your suggestions to other companies in these kinds of mobile building utilizations? Will you recommend Prefabrik Yapi A.S.?
As Nurol Insaat, we prefer to work with companies well-representing their respective sectors. In choosing our solution partners, we make a point that their quality and service mentality correspond with ours. I can suggest that other companies consider these mentalities. I believe Prefabrik Yapi A.S. is the right solution partner in these types of mobile building utilizations.
11.)Can you tell us about the future projects?
Nurol Insaat has started to take its place in superstructure projects. I think we will focus our energy on the projects in this field in the following period.
12.)Can we have your concluding words?
We are extremely happy to work with Prefabrik Yapi A.S. I hope our cooperation continues and increases in the future.