2013 Ordinary General Assembly of IMSAD, Association of Turkish Building Material Producers which was founded in 1984 with the intention of maintaining development and growth of Turkish building industry and its related sectors and contributing towards constituting and implementing rules in the sector, was held on 21st of February 2013. Election for the members of Board of Directors and Board of Supervisors for the period of 2013-2015 was held at the meeting. Dundar Yetisener became the chairman in the new period of IMSAD. “Prefabricated Building” sector will be represented at the level of Board of Directors for the first time in the association which gathers the most powerful and pioneering companies of the sector under one roof. Representation at the level of Board of Directors was achieved in this election, although there were various prefabricated building companies under the umbrella of the association for many years. Prefabrik Yapi A.S. will be represented by our deputy general manager Mr. Mustafa Tolunay in the new Board of Directors of IMSAD. We are of the opinion that important projects will be achieved both in Turkey and around the world with his experience and accumulation of knowledge in the light steel and prefabricated building sector.
2013 – 2015 IMSAD Board of Directors
Arif Dundar Yetisener / Chairman of the Board of Fibrobeton Group of Companies
Adil Bastanoglu / Member of the Board of CATIDER Association of Roofing Industrialists and Businessmen
Ali Ender Colak / General Manager of Baymak
Arif Nuri Bulut / General Manager of Izocam
Atilla Gurses / Technical Coordinator of Onduline
Avni Korkut Kulbul / Sales Manager of Jotun Boya
Ercument Yalcin / General Manager of Wilo Pompa Sistemleri
Fethi Hinginar / Chairman of the Board of Turkish Ytong
Gokhan Gorciz / General Secretary of TUKDER Association of Brick and Tile Industrialists
Hakan Gurdal / General Manager of Akcansa
Kenan Araci / General Manager of Cuhadaroglu
Mehmet Tunaman / General Manager of Saint Gobain Rigips
Oktay Alptekin / Vice President of the Board and General Manager of Pimas
Yener Gures / Vice President and General Secretary of TUCSA Association of Turkish Steel Structure Producers
Zafer Aslan / Member of the Board of Berkosan Yalitim
Ismail Turanlı / Chairman of the Board of TÜYAK Fire Protection and Training Association of Turkey
Cemal Yilmaz / Chairman of the Board of Aspen
Mustafa Tolunay / Deputy General Manager of Prefabrik Yapi
Aysegül Tezgeldi / General Secretary of TALSAD Turkish Aluminium Industrialists Association
Turgan Vargi / General Secretary of ALÇIDER Turkish Manufacturers of Gypsum Products Association
Board of Supervisors
Arin Demir / Sales Manager of Assan
Mufit Ulke / General Manager of Duravit
Tom Faruk Akel / R & D and Marketing Manager of Saint Gobain Rigips
Ozhan Olcay / CEO, General Manager of Aluform Pekintas
Cetin Tecdelioglu / General Manager of Cetin Civata
Ibrahim Murat Altug / General Coordinator of BSD Association of Pumice Industrialists
What is IMSAD?
IMSAD, Association of Turkish Building Material Producers which carry on their activity since the establishment in 1984, have reorganized in 2006 by accepting sectoral associations and partner institutions into membership. IMSAD represented the sector much more strongly both domestically and abroad as a result of this reorganization and organized as an umbrella organization with no peers in Turkey.
IMSAD’s communication network reaching 20.000 manufacturers including leading industrial establishments and associations was comprised.
Aim and targets of IMSAD:
• Providing a Growing, Profitable and Sustainable Future to Building Sector
• Improving Public Awareness
• Encourage Business in Compliance to Ethical Rules
• Protecting the Benefits of the Whole
• Representing the sector within the country and abroad
• IMSAD, Association of Turkish Building Material Producers:
• is a member of CEPMC, Council of European Producers of Materials for Construction.
• is a member of E2B, International Non for Profit Industrial Association.
• is a member of SEDEFED, Federation of Industrial Associations.
• is a member of DEİK, Foreign Economic Relations Board.
• is a member of YAMTEK, Technical Committee of Building Materials.
• is a founding member and Chairman of the Board of YAD, Association of Building Research.
• is a member of TOBB’s Building Sector Council.
• is a founding member of ÇEDBİK, Turkish Green Building Council.
• is vice president of Higher Advisory Commission of Turkish Standards Institute (TSE).
IMSAD, lead its partners from Bulgaria, Romania, United Kingdom and Belgium and received a grant funding project from the European Commission in December 2007, worked as a leading organization in the international EUbuild Project regarding adaptation to EU and completed the Project in 2009. IMSAD is entitled to grant funding for the second time with its seconf Project regarding “EUbuild Energy Efficiency”. Works were carried on the subject of Financing Energy Efficiency in Buildings with the associations of 6 European countries of Albania, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia alongside the leadership of IMSAD in this project. It was completed at the end of 2012.