With the effect of the pandemic that has negatively affected life for approximately 1.5 years, some studies are carried out in order to avoid difficulties in accessing of the people to the hospitals and emergency response areas. Not having difficulties in the isolation processes and in order able to give care to more patients, has become the most important criterion anymore. The prefabricated buildings, which are as durable as a reinforced concrete building thanks to their structures created practically, has succeeded to become the favorites of the construction industry in a short time.

While Prefabrik Yapı succeed to shorten the delivery time of its prefabricated structures which it has meticulously developed for years with the ease of production, also aims to shorten the construction period thanks to its ease of assembly. Thus, it completes the production of the health buildings much- needed nowadays faster. Prefabrik Yapı, has succeeded to become a leading brand in the production of health buildings, prefabricated hospitals, prefabricated clinics and prefabricated health centers with its own professional business mentality and production network approved by the Ministry of Health.

Steely Robust Health Buildings

Prefabrik Yapı, has enabled to have more health premises thanks to the health buildings that it has carried out with practical solutions for many years. Thus, the long-lasting buildings have been erected thanks to buildings designed for all conditions by benefiting from the light steel technology. Those offered by the of light steel technology can be listed as follows:

  • A stronger structure is erected with less material.
  • Light.
  • Its assembly is made faster.
  • It has a long-lasting and reliable content.
  • Its sound, heat and water insulation level are high.
  • It provides protection from pests thanks to the galvanizing process.
  • It is in economical structure and can be disassembled and reassembled many times.
Prefabrik Yapı; manufactures the health buildings in a factory environment so as to fit to the construction site floor in any case. Also, the health buildings constructed with “Light Steel” used are the buildings with high displacement possibility with easy disassembly and assembly in case of emergency. With its flexible and light structure, the affection probability from the earthquake is very low. With the prefabricated solutions, Prefabrik Yapı that always has a solution and service-oriented working approach put many public buildings such as such as hospitals, clinics and health centers required to be reliable and long lasting ,with the quality difference.

Buildings Proper For Every Condition

The prefabricated buildings can be prepared in the structure proper to every geographical location. Especially, the feature of assembly in all kinds of climate becomes the right choice for the public in the disaster period thanks to its suitability for all conditions where there are urgent needs. In addition to being applicable in many conditions, these structures that are also investments for the future are the most recyclable building materials. With the sustainable business model mentality, Prefabrik Yapı which considers not only public health but also the health of the World has succeeded to become the most preferred brand from Asia to Europe for many years.

The safety is the top priority in all buildings and especially in all health care organizations. The light steel buildings, the fire safety is ensured with A-1 class non-combustible fibercement and painted galvanized sheet metal used on the outer coatings preferably. As well as the safety, three different options are also offered in isolation processes. These are systems applied with rockwool, fiverglass and EPS.

Why Prefabrik Yapı?

Prefabrik Yapı, draws attention with its features that the whole World trust and come to the fore for exports in its sector for many years. The pandemic hospitals with a closed area of 30,000 m2 in Azerbaijan, refugee camps established in Germany, hundreds of containers that their loadings still continues to European countries, and multi-purpose structures with different features designed for many African countries, etc. being only few of works of the company that become popular in exports of this sector can be examined.

Also, it offers quality and timely service with features that reduce time costs with its mentality based on the customer satisfaction being the biggest factor in preference of it for many years. In the meantime, while it supports quality service with practicable and durable solutions, it also succeed to be eco-friendly. It makes all building that it develops safe under all circumstances thanks to technology.

You also may have the reliable buildings with Prefabrik Yapı that offers effective solutions by using its increasing experience and the prefabrication in all areas of life.

Prefabricated Health Buildings - Standard Plans