Entering the Turkish market in 2006 by investing in the housing sector, Emaar continues its investments with the new project in Camlica / Istanbul.
SERA YAPI END. VE TIC. A.S., the subcontracting company of Emaar Square project which will include more than 1.000 residences, a five star hotel with 180 rooms and the largest shopping center in Turkey, chose Prefabrik Yapı A.s. as the solution partner in the mobile buildings of the project.
Production and assembling of 2 light steel buildings in 3-storeys covering an area of 1473 m2; 410 m2 precast light prefabricated building as clubhouse, masjid, launderette; 200 m2 light steel uninsulated warehouse building; 3 worker dormitory container structures in 2-storeys consisting of 192 containers in total and on an area of 4032 m2 and various container / security cabins have been completed in success by professional teams of Prefabrik Yapi A.S in Emaar Square mobile building project.
3-storey office building is designed both visually and systematically in the qualification suitable for SERA YAPI END. VE TIC. A.S.’ use during the site period, while system and detail selections were made within the frame of building functions in the mobile building project. Light steel building application with exterior – interior walls and ceilings A1 incombustible fiber cement are practiced in office and dining hall buildings.
The façade of the office building composes of fiber cement with decorative fuga, the containers and prefab buildings on the camp site are composed of sandwich panels produced by Hekim Yapi A.S., a Hekim Holding corporation.
All mobile buildings, building supply, logistics and assembling is realized by Prefabrik Yapi A.S. in this extensive project.