As Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. being the main manufacturer company of Hekim Holding which serve in the ready-made construction sector and makes export to 140 countries in continents, we have taken our place in the UK Construction Week Building Fair organized in Birmingham on 04-06 October 2022.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş, have exhibited its products covering the containers with the LifeCase Brand, prefabricated buildings with the Preform Brand, light steel structures with the Steelin Brand, and galvanized light steel profiles with the HekimProfil Brand and also HekimBoard and HekimPanel Branded products of Hekim Yapı A.Ş., within the body of Hekim Holding, all of our products have been welcomed with great interest.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. which offers the best service quality to its valued customers with existing projects in both the UK and other UK-affiliated countries and serve with high quality standards and experienced technical staff for 33 year, constantly improves itself by following the changing world closely continues to increase its current share in this market continuously.