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Permanent Prefabricated Housing Project

Prefabricated Building, Light Steel Building - Turkey


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Prefabricated Building, Light Steel Building
  • Project Date: February 2023
  • Project Location: Hatay

Project Info

Hatay – Antakya Permanent Prefabricated Collective Housing Project

Giving importance to quality and speed; Ciner Holding preferred Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. for the permanent prefabricated mass housing project for the earthquake zone.

In order to permanently meet the urgent settlement needs of earthquake victims in Antakya district of Hatay province, the production of our “Permanent Prefabricated Mass Housing” project was carried out using galvanized structural steel with weldless bolted connection details and HekimPan wall panels.

Permanent prefabricated houses in Antakya provided a solution to the permanent shelter needs of our homeless earthquake victims by being built in a very short period of 2 months.

We are proud to ensure that our citizens, who became homeless after the earthquake, can live their lives peacefully in our houses built with the prefabricated light permanent prefabricated building system, which is the safest building system against earthquakes, both in the comfort of the buildings in the reinforced concrete system, which is called traditional, and in the earthquake zone, and we are also happy to suply their needs to have a warm permanent home in the most urgent way.

Prefabricated buildings can be prepared in a structure suitable for the layout of each flat. Prefabricated structures have become the best option for the public in disaster situations, especially thanks to their ability to be assembled in all kinds of climates and their ability to adapt to all conditions in which an emergency occurs. These structures, which are applicable in many conditions and also an investment alternative for the future, are the most reusable building materials.

With its understanding of sustainable business models, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. considers not only public health but also the health of the world. It will continue to be the most preferred brand for years to come, from Asia to Europe, from America to Africa, with its nature-friendly products that are suitable for all kinds of building needs of people in all kinds of climates and geographical locations, as it has been until now.