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Istanbul Fire Department

Light Steel Building - Turkey


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Light Steel Building
  • Project Location: İstanbul, Turkey

Project Info

Durable, affordable and fast-assembled buildings…
New spaces were generated for Istanbul Fire Department, within the body of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, with the latest technology. Brand new buildings were produced and assembled in light steel technology for the garage that is used for fire trucks and platoons located in various places.
The main reasons for the preference of special designs in light steel technology, built for the platoons in Hadimkoy and Davutpasa, are their affordability and very fast assembly. One of the most important specifications of the buildings we built is using Hekimboard brand fiber cement coating material, which has A-1 class incombustible certificate, on exterior and interior coatings. It is a most preferred building material with the combination of superior technical and affordability features.