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Maltepe Municipality Family Health Centers

Prefabricated Building - Turkey


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Prefabricated Building
  • Project Date: November 2010
  • Project Location: Maltepe - İstanbul , Turkey

Project Info

Family Medicine Model, one of the most important steps taken to solve the problems in health that were not solved until today, started to be implemented by the T.R. Ministry of Health in November 2010 within the frame of “Health Transformation Program”. Many new buildings were required for the doctors to give service with this model, as existing spaces were insufficient.
We added Maltepe Municipality Family Health Center among the projects we built within this scope.
190 m2 prefab building built in the vicinity of Maltepe Municipality was preferred due to the reasons of being durable, fast-assembly, affordable and aesthetic and its construction was completed in a short time to give service to our citizens.