Salt Lake Underground Natural Gas Storage Project executed by Petroleum Pipeline Corporation (BOTAS) for the purpose of not going into straits in the possible stoppage of natural gas flow and talked about for many years is finally seeing the light of day.
4.650 m2 mobilization requirement of the Project has been produced and assembled succesfully with our client where we are business partners in the duration of the project. The buildings which shall also be used by the Chinese company is detailed with sandwich panels in which the exterior and the interior surfaces are fiber cement. In the camp project where there are 14 types of buildings to meet various functions, snow load calculations proper to the climate conditions are made and roofing details are produced according to these values. Interor wall thickness is project designed as 6 cm. in these buildings where exterior walls are 10 cm thick.
An agreement was reached with China Tianchen Engineering Corporation for the construction of Salt Lake Underground Natural Gas Storage Facility, which is one of the most important energy investments of Turkey. The project providing opportunity to store 1 billion cubic meter of natural gas per year shall be completed in 2018. Turkey shall have more natural gas stock against a shortage in the natural gas delivery with the accomplishment of the project. The Chinese committed to complete the first part in 2015 shall hand over the keys of the facility in 2018. Turkey’s natural gas storage capacity shall reach 2.1 billion cubic meters with the engagement of this facility. This means 5% of the total consumption will be secured.