The students of Doga College visiting Hekim Holding-Prefabrik Yapi A.S. within the scope of forming a sense of protection of the environment and recognizing and protecting natural energy sources, examined Mars Container in the showroom which generates its own power, after receiving information regarding building systems from the officials.
Hosted in the holding building at first, the students were introduced to steel material. It was emphasized that the buildings constructed with 90% recycled steel material are the least harmful building systems to the environment in the production and assembling processes. The kids were reminded about the reality of earthquake in our country, whilst stressing it is crucial tol ive in durable and comfortable buildings and for this reason use of steel material is the right choice. A summary introduction of our company was made afterwards.
Mars Life Unit drew great interest from the students seeing container, light steel and prefabricated building implementation samples in the showroom. The project developed with support on the subjects of technical details and energy performance from Istanbul Technical University is a container life unit providing all the energy it needs from 8 sun panels on its roof. The wall thicknesses and material details were all detailed according to the resulting values of the calculations made.
We will be happy if we could only support our children’s imaginations in introducing them to an industrial enterprise with this opportunity.