The Minister of Development Mr. Cevdet Yılmaz, has opened our light steel prefabricated classrooms in the Zeve Campus of Van Centenary University as of February 2012. The minister Yılmaz who received information from the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Peyami Battal, has told that he liked the prefabricated classrooms, and stated that “our students can come to their schools in a safe environment and attend their classes in peace of mind.”

3 classrooms, each of which has an area of 2400 m2, have been successfully completed in 45 days with the superior performance of our assembly team. The most important advantages of all buildings where light steel prefabricated system is employed are; fast and high quality fabrication, fast assembly, superior material performance and maximum comfort conditions have been successfully realized as indispensable criteria. 10 cm thick Hekim Steel Carcass Panels are used in the buildings detailed in compliance with Van climatic conditions. The profiles have been designed according to the structural calculations carried out according to such conditions as a height of 3 meters and a snow load of 185 kg/m2 and manufactured through the HekimRobot machine line with cold forming process. In the buildings which are designed as single storey, the installation and equipment that are suitable for the functions such as classrooms, laboratories, conference rooms etc. have been employed.