The leading company in the light steel construction sector, Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. continues to lead the sector with its innovative products. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., the name of which is mentioned with R &D and Production & Development investments, creates living spaces with foldable and expandable containers, that can be installed within few minutes without requiring professional assistance. It provides opportunity to meet, in a short time, the services especially after disaster , such as accommodation, school, health unit and disaster crisis units.

The expandable system container of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., which is one of the Hekim Holding companies, is a system that allow container modules of different sizes to be inserted into each other. The module is shipped in such a manner that sanitary and electrical installations were installed, and that kitchen sink unit and sanitaryware, floor and ceiling covering are completed, and that the doors and windows are attached.Maximum two of them is shipped on a lorry truck and placed onto the land on which it is to be installed, with a crane.After the chassis which is positioned as folded at sides, is opened, the modules inside are slided out over chassis without requiring professional assistance. The electrical installation sockets are plugged in and the module’s locking systems are set and the installation is completed. Expandable System Containers will serve as 2, 3 or 4-room housing within a few minutes, as well as it is possible to construct in a short time, health units, schools, crisis management offices and buildings in the military areas, which are required by the people during crisis..It can also meet the demands for accommodation in holiday destinations.

When opened, the Folding System Container of Prefabrik Yapi AS is a system eloborated in a manner that it allows the wall panels to be held between the lower and upper chassis in a folded position, and that it allows the formation of folded walls when the upper chassis is lifted by a crane. The modules in the container are prepared as a package in folded form in the factory with dimensions of 3mx7m and 2.4mx6m with a height of 0.4m. Folding system containers are also designed separately with shower module and with kitchen sink unit. The packaged module is shipped in a manner that the floor and ceiling covering were finished, and that doors and windows were installed.Max. 14 units are transported in a lorry truck and placed on the land where it will be installed by a crane.The upper chassis is lifted with a help of crane and the corner column connections are made.After the installation of the system is completed, the kitchne sink unit is placed inside the module.The shower module is connected to the container module and its connection is made and installed and completed.When opened, Folding System Containers with dimensions of 3mx7m and 2.4mx6m with a height of 2.4 m, will serve as housing; as well as, the modules can be brought together in order to form, in a short time, the buildings to be required by the people after disaster and during crisis, such as health units, schools, crisis management offices and military areas.It can also meet the demands for accommodation in holiday destinations.