Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. has taken its place for the 5th time in Sustainable Brands 2018 Istanbul Conference

360 Degree Process Management for Consumer Welfare

Brands have a unique position to guide the business world and society to a thriving future. Accordingly, the Sustainable Brands Conference enables its participants to observe and experience how business models pursued in achieving economic success are shaped and changed with new thinking. Speakers of well-known brands in Turkey and abroad discuss many future issues at this conference.

The İstanbul leg of Sustainable Brands which is pointed out as one of the most important conferences in the world, has taken its place, in Fairmot Quasar İstanbul between April 18-19 with a theme of ”REDEFINING THE GOOD LIFE“. conference as the Supporting Sponsor this year. Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., one of HEKIM HOLDING companies, takes its place, for the fifth time in SUSTAINABLE BRANDS 2018 ISTANBUL conference, as the Supporting Sponsor this year with special design stand.

On the second day of the conference, at 09:40 – 09:55, in the session to be held together under the moderation of journalist/writer Demet Cengiz, the General Manager of Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., Mustafa Tolunay stated that In these days on the way to switch to Industry 4.0, the companies stuck in 360 degrees marketing, have come to a certain point only with marketing communication and come to a deadlock at certain point. He underlined that What the consumer understands and expects is actually a 360-degree perspective.

Mustafa Tolunay stated that the companies that do not ignore the fact that consumer behavior is changing day by day and those which work for the long-term welfare of consumers will continue their way as a truly sustainable brand, and that the brands, which are patient and follow the right steps will not fall into the mid-scale traps, but also the social participation should be 360 degrees.

Besides, Tolunay have given the explanations that quality of the entire process in addition to the quality of a product, determines sustainability. This can also be achieved with happy people. Brands that handle domestic and foreign customer satisfaction in the same denominator becomes more successful. If we want for a sustainable company, which looks to future with wellfare and confidence, we must start the work from our own staff first. Happy peaceful employees bring happy customers, happy customers will return as your gain. Transparent and honest approach at each stage rather than the rightfulness of one of the parties, the common denominator at the same time as both consumer and company wins as a solution partner. Regardless of whether you offer the product to the consumer directly or through a dealer, the solid truth is that such product is your product.He addressed the importance of the technologies they introduced to the national economy, such as Mars container, Steelin and multi-storey light steel building technology and the utilization of Hekimboard (facade lining with Euroclass A1 fire rating), which is very important for consumer comfort.

Tolunay emphasized that the increase in communication opportunities is in the interest of the consumers; underlined that they have always and at every stage, accelerated the R&D/P&D/innovation approaches and studies within the ever-self-renewing structure. the basic secret in their success is to maintain the same enthusiasm felt at the very beginning of the work.

Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. exports to more than 110 countries in 6 continents through its technology developed in the manufacturing of precast prefabricated building, capacity, machinery equipment, professional staff, production facilities established on an area of 25,000 m2 and readymade building promotion area of 6.000 m2.It never gives up its principles in the success graph ever surviving for 29 years; It manufactures prefabricated buildings, containers and steel construction buildings at high quality standards
Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., with the responsibility and awareness of being a pioneer in the sector, it always aims for the better and acts in line with this approach and understanding. With the human-oriented approach in the center, including sales, marketing, fabrication, R&D and P&D investments, it shows superior activities in its field. It will continue to contribute to the national economy in a sustainable manner by offering products and services beyond the expectations of customers and its business partners.