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Emergency Living Containers Built Due to Kahramanmaraş Earthquakes

Container - Turkey


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Container
  • Project Date: February 2023
  • Project Location: Earthquake Zone - Area Covering 11 Provinces

Project Info

As a whole country, we felt the great pain of losing thousands of our citizens and making thousands of our citizens homeless as a result of the severe earthquakes centered in Kahramanmaraş, which experts in the world called the biggest disaster of 100 years in one word.

As Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş., we set out by making rapid planning in order to meet the urgent shelter needs of our citizens in the fastest, most reliable and healthiest way. From the first day of the earthquake, we contributed to the urgent shelter needs of our citizens with our production work that we put forward with all our strength.

Container We have successfully completed the production of our monoblock containers, the number of which has reached approximately 6000 units, in a short period of 2 months, with our intense workforce performance that we work day and night 24/7 in our production facilities. We delivered our products to their owners in this way. Our production services in this regard still continue depending on the need.

Container Cities were created with thousands of containers at different points of the Earthquake Zone. Each factory-assembled and ready-to-use container with dimensions of 3.00m*7.00m It has a kitchen area, a bathroom with a shower tray, toilet and sink area. Weldless construction technology was applied in the production of our containers. The carrier system is galvanized sheet metal profiles and their combinations are bolt and nut connected. Walls and ceilings were created using Hekim Sandwich Panels. A1 class fireproof HekimBoard Brand fibercement board was used on the bottom chassis of the containers. At the same time, in the interior design of our containers; An installation infrastructure that allows the installation of devices for heating on cold winter days and cooling on hot summer days has also been considered and implemented. In short, our earthquake containers; 1 It is designed to provide a home environment where the family can live in peace for many years.