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Kanyon Village Project

Prefabricated Building - Turkey


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Prefabricated Building
  • Project Location: Zekeriyaköy - İstanbul, Turkey

Project Info

We have concluded the assembly of Main Office and Dining Hall buildings within the scope of KANYON VILLAGE PROJECT conducted by Eczacıbasi Gayrimenkul Gelistirme ve Yatirim Sanayi in Zekeriyakoy.
Special electricity, data, suspended ceiling and insulation systems were used in the buildings specially-designed as they are main buildings. Maximum fire safety was provided in the building, thanks to A-1 class incombustible fiber cement used on the interiors and the floor and rockwool insulation applied on every surface of the building.
The project, set up in 300 acres and consists of 260 villas, is planned to start in the last quarter of 2010, as the preparatory work continues.