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Prefabricated Houses in Chile

Prefabricated House - Chile


Project Details

  • Country:
  • Project Type: Prefabricated House
  • Project Date: 2010
  • Project Location: Chile

Project Info

The loss of life and property encountered in Chile on 27 February 2010 after the earthquake with the magnitude of 8.8 Richter scale hit the country, caused attention to draw on prefabricated systems providing fast and safe shelters. Chile has went through a fast rebuilding period as a result of support of Chilean government and efforts of construction companies and as Prefabrik Yapi A.S. we have the honor to be the “first Turkish company” to carry through prefabricated housing in this country.
A 36 m2 single-storey carcass prefab house predicted to meet the expectations and requirements of the people was built in this project which was performed together with Constructora Khalsa, a local construction company in Santiago, Chile.