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Light Steel Health Facilities

Product Category: Light Steel Health Facilities

Light Steel Health Facilities

As Prefabrik Yapı A.S. we have successfully performed numerous health care center, hospital, family health center, outpatient clinic and suchlike projects until today.

A big increase is seen in buildings produced with light steel technologyIn recent years. The reason is buildings are produced with this technology, in the quality where below advantages are listed.

  • Forms a stronger structure with less material. It has low construction cost.
  • Production is fast and faultless in prefabricated buildings. It is not effected from the flactuations in material prices.
  • It is fast in assembling.
  • Provides a clean environment at the construction site.
  • It is light.
  • Production and quality can be monitored.
  • Assembling can be made in all kinds of climates.
  • Galvanizing procedure protects the steel from rusting and pests.
  • It can be disassembled-reassembled for many times, can be modified.
  • It is affordable.
  • Steel is environment-friendly.
  • Steel is our greatest investment for the future.
  • It is long-lasting, sturdy and safe.
  • It provides high sound, heat and water insulation.
  • It provides a more efficient earthquake performance due to its flexibility and lightness.
  • It presents flexibility and elegant solutions in design.
  • It shortens the construction period by means of easy assembling.

Two methods are proposed according to the requirement in the production and assembly stages of projects prepared as per the standards approved by T.R. Ministry of Health.
1. Hekim Light Steel Panel System
2. Hekim Plated on Site Light Steel System
In the event Hekim Light Steel Panel System application is preferred, the assembly of the panels in the size of 1250×2500/3000 mm. comprising of steel carcass, the insulation application inside the carcass and the interior and exterior facing material of the carcass are carried out at the factory. Panel thickness differs between 80-30mm. It is possible to make storey height of 3000 mm., 3500 mm if requested. These panels are consigned to the site in ready form. Connecting the panels and other following applications are performed on site. This is a time-saving method. A-1 class incombustible fiber cement or painted galvanized sheet application can be performed on the interiors and exteriors of the building. All installations are designed optionally as flush mounted or surface mounted.
In the event Hekim Plated on site Light Steel System application is preferred, the carcasses prepared in compliance to static calculations of the project are consigned to the site in their bare form. First steel carcass assembly is completed at the site. Afterwards insulation application, interior and exterior facings are performed. All of the humidity barrier and suchlike applications are completed at the site. Elegant facade applications are performed with A-1 class incombustible fiber cement on the exteriors of the buildings. All installations are designed and applied as flush mounted.

Light Steel Health Facilities - Standard Plans