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Asos 138 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

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Asos single storey prefabricated house is a good alternative for those who dream of a large and spacious living space. The model which addresses to the families that host as much guests as large families, offers four rooms and spacious living room.

The building, which has an area of 15 m2 that can be used as a terrace, stands out with two separate bathrooms of 4 m2 and 8 m2 in addition to its independent kitchen established on an area of 14 m2. The 28 m2 large and spacious living room can easily be evaluated as a hall that meets the needs of crowded families. The master bedroom measuring 14 m2 in size, increases the comfort of the users with its own 4 m2 shower area. The prefabricated house, which has 2 x 10m2 rooms that can be considered as a children’s room, has another 18 m2 large room as well.

The prefabricated house, designed as 4 + 1, is accessed through the entrance hall with a surface area of 10 m2. The building has two hallways of 3m2 and 4 m2. Its design that utilizes the surface areas pretty efficiently, makes it an ideal choice for users who want to live in a detached house in a garden. The model, which is preferable for the projects consisting of large, spacious and useful prefabricated houses, thanks to its modest and elegant design, finds also its place as an option to be used for holiday purposes.

If you think of Asos as a warm nest, you can fill out the price request form immediately. You can send questions that you have in mind through message section, you may learn the information you want including the price.

Asos 138 m2 Plan
Asos 138 m2 Plan Asos 138 m2
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