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Kapadokya 95 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

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  • Kapadokya 95 m2 1
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The house designed to be 95 square meters, is preferred for its roominess and usefulness. The housing composed of three rooms and one living room is ideal for families. You can live together with either your spouse and children or with home friends or with your mother and father. Kapadokya which offers a warm home where you can accumulate good memories, is the equivalent of modern architecture.

The master bedroom of the house is 14 square meters. The other two bedrooms are 7.5 and 11 square meters. Rooms can be used as study room, children’s room, physical exercising area. The living room of the Kapadokya house is 25 square meters, kitchen is 9.5 square meters, and the bathroom is 6.5 square meters. The hall and entrance hall areas of three square meters offer you a refreshing living space. The terrace of 6 square meters constitutes the recreation area of the house.

The house is installed on an area measuring 9.605 meters by 11.478 meters. If the sample project of Kapadokya prefabricated house has been decorated your dreams, you can get detailed information from the price quote form immediately. Get in touch now and become the owner of your dream house.

Kapadokya 95 m2 Plan
Kapadokya 95 m2 Plan Kapadokya 95 m2
Kapadokya 95 m2 Proje