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Dicle 27 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

Dicle 27 m2
  • Dicle 27 m2

Among the single-storey prefabricated house models, Dicle appeals to those who enjoy small and convenient living spaces. The model with 27 m2 floorspace, is an ideal choice for those who want to utilize small areas. as well as It can be preferred in the lands not too big, it can be used as a small living space in the fields such as vineyards, gardens and fields.

The compact model, which stands out with its efficient use of space, does not only appeal to users who want to own a prefabricated house. It can also be easily employed for such projects as the hobby garden. It can be preferred as an example of a structure that does not push natural beauties to the background in the areas when used for holiday and similar purposes.

The Dicle, single storey prefabricated house, which measures 5,113 x 5,218 m in size, and contains all the details that two people can enjoy. The 9-square-meter living room with an open kitchen offers a living space where users can make their meals, set up pleasant tables and entertain their guests. The 4 square meter shower room containing toilet, shower area and washbasin and the 6 square meter bedroom where a double bed and wardrobe can be easily accommodated, satisfies all needs of the users.

The Dicle, which can be loved especially by those who enjoy the minimalist lifestyle, allows you to use all of its 27 square meters area efficiently. If you have chosen Dicle as your new living space, you can fill out the price request form immediately. If you need more than one prefabricated house for your project, you can specify how many you want in the price request form.

Dicle 27 m2 Plan
Dicle 27 m2 Plan Dicle 27 m2