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Bergama 69 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

Bergama 69 m2
  • Bergama 69 m2

Bergama prefabricated house, with an area of 69 m2, is the choice of those who want to create useful living spaces for themselves in small lands. Bergama one-storey prefabricated house, where one or two people can live comfortably, offers you a complete nest.

Bergama prefabricated house with two rooms and a lounge, has a practical design. Bergama, which can be used as a summer house, or a dwelling house or an office, has two bedrooms of 14 and 10 square meters. Kitchen is designed for 6 square meters, bathroom is designed for 4 square meters whilst Living room is 18 square meters. The architecture which is finalized with a 2 square meter hall, promises peace of mind thanks to its 7 square meter terrace. The bedroom of the house can easily fit in a double bed and closets. The dining room and seating group can also be easily placed in the living room.

Bergama house, which is the choice of those who want a useful and spacious living space, is distinguished from other residences with its aesthetic exterior appearance. The 67 m2 house which became favorite of those who love Single-storey, detached, convenient and simple designs, can constitute a perfect home by being installed inside your garden, land.

If you think you have found your dream house in Bergama prefabricated house design, you can get detailed information via price request form without wasting time. Do not postpone your dreams, do own the house of your dream with Bergama design immediately.

Bergama 69 m2 Plan
Bergama 69 m2 Plan Bergama 69 m2
Bergama 69 m2 Proje