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Container House

Product Category: Container House

Container House | Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.

Container house implementations are the implementations preferred by our customers in providing the housing needs for a short time or seasonal, in lands which do not have development permit. Our containers which include bathroom can be used singly or multiple. Our standard container sizes are used in requests with one room, two rooms, with WC, with WC and bath, as well as interlocked container details for larger m2, in the direction of the customer’s needs. Our container house plans can be achieved with one container or by combining more containers. Roofing reinforcement can be applied proper to climate conditions, if need be and the assembly is performed accordingly.

The related containers are produced in monoblock or demountable in Hekim Panel or Hekim Classic system. The material used on the exterior surface of the containers can be applied as painted galvanized sheet or A-1 class incombustible fiber cement and the interior can be applied as fiber cement coating, according to the demand. Electric and sanitary installations can be optionally performed as flush mounted or surface mounted.

Container House - Standard Plans