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Dining Hall Container

Product Category: Dining Hall Container

Dining Hall Container

One of our building solutions in satisfying dining hall requirement is our dining hall containers. It is designed with the consideration of user number and comfort conditions. Sizes determined specially for a project can be used as well as sizes of 2,40×6,00 and 3,00×7,00 meters which are our standard sizes. The system is resolved by using interlocked container details in large dining hall structures.

Mostly one and two storey types are available. Designing and assembling is made with column supports, because of wide spaces. The pre-production of the containers are completed at the factory and only interlocking process is performed at the construction site. Roof support can be performed according to the climate conditions of the place where the containers shall be assembled, if required. They can be disassembled and re-assembled time and again.

Dining Hall Container - Standard Plans