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WC-Shower Container

Product Category: WC-Shower Container

WC-Shower Container | Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.

WC-shower container structures are used in construction site mobilizations, military and scout camps, after disaster emergency needs, sports etc. organizations and in city parks and forrests to meet the WC-shower needs.

Selection of right material, hygiene and comfort conditions should be fulfilled as WC-shower units shall be used by more than one person. The installations in WC-shower containers are performed as surface mounted or flush mounted related to the production system. Squatting WC is applied in the WC-shower containers and lift-slab method is applied in shower mountings. There is an existing ventilation and transom-window can be made, if required. All assembly of sanitary ware, fittings, shower tray and suchlike equipment are completed at the factory and then they are consigned.

WC-Shower Container - Standard Plans