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2.40x6.00m Container

Product Category: 2.40x6.00m Container

2.40x6.00m Container

Containers, pretty much one of the symbols of the construction sector, are used to provide for various needs because of their features of fast assembly, ground frame and to be able to be used many times. Leading the way are construction site mobilizations. Office, dining hall, dormitory, WC-shower containers needed in setting up a construction site are some of the examples. Aside from this, containers wholly produced in factory environment are also essential products of immediate settlement requirements.

The containers that we produce with weldless production technology can be manufactured as one storey, two storey and three storey according to its place and intention of use.Painted galvanized steel sheet or A-1 class noncombustible Hekimboard brand plates produced with fiber cement technology are used in accordance with our clients preference.

Special packaging system takes place especially in the overseas shipments of our containers in 2,40×6,00 m dimensions. It is possible to send 10 disassembled units instead of 2 thanks to this. Our containers are produced as Hekim Panel or Hekim Classic system in monoblock, demounted or interlocked. Electrical and sanitary installations are optionally designed as flush mounted or surface mounted.