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Efes 37 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

Efes 37 m2
  • Efes 37 m2

Efes single storey prefabricated house model, with 1 + 1 house design, offers a warm and convenient living space for newly married couples or those living singly. Although it has a floorspace of 37 m2,thanks to its design, it allows you to use each area in the most efficient way.

Efes, which looks like a cute summer house, contains even a space that can be used like a small terrace. The house, which measures 5.218 x 7.096 m, is accessed through a 3 m2 entrance hall. Along the hallway there are doors that open to living room, to bathroom and to bedroom. In the living room with a floorspace of 14 m2, there is an open kitchen, which kitchen range, refrigerator can be easily placed. The living room, in which the furniture such as seating group and dining table can easily fit in, becomes a refreshing space for the users. In the 4m2 bathroom, in addition to toilet and washbasin, there is also place for the shower area. The 10 m2 bedroom, where even a double bed and a large wardrobe can easily be placed, stands out with its usefulness.

Among the single-storey prefabricated house models, Efes is a useful choice which will be employed for small areas. The model appealing to those who loves simplicity, can be employed as a compact choice for the collective housing project comprising prefabricated houses. The Efes, which can be smoothly chosen for the areas to be used for the purposes of hobby garden or vacation or the like, addresses to those who dreams of a compact, useful house within a small land or garden.

If the simple and elegant design of Efes prefabricated house has attracted you, you can fill out the price request form immediately and you can leave your phone and mail address for more detailed information.

Efes 37 m2 Plan
Efes 37 m2 Plan Efes 37 m2