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Demre 58 m2

Single Storey Prefabricated House

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Demre stands out as a single-storey prefabricated house model where a core family can enjoy. the house model with a floorspace of 58 m2, attracts attention with its elegant details in addition to its usefulness, away from exaggeration.

Demre, single storey prefabricated house, is particularly suitable for those who want to build a handy house in a compact size within a small garden, field or a similar land. The prefabricated house model, which can be easily preferred for season, can be located at a desired place in a short time. Its design which allows you to utilize each area in the most efficient way, offers a cozy home atmosphere in which you can enjoy.

In Demre prefabricated house design, besides the terrace where you can sip your tea with pleasure, there is a kitchen where even a dining table can be placed easily. The door of the house measuring 8,974 x 6,470 m in size, opens to a 14 m2 living room. The area of the 8 m2 kitchen, located just next to the living room; thanks to its design that helps you to use the area very efficiently, it is able to easily provide places for the appliances such as refrigerator, kitchen range and dishwasher. The area that can be used as a living room or a saloon opens to a 2 m2 hallway. In the hallway there are two bedrooms of 10 m2 each; and doors that opens to 4 m2 bathroom where you can place your washing machine, in addition to washing area, washbasin, toilet.

The prefabricated house model takes part among the models that can be easily employed by the corporate companies which plan to establish hobby garden project or a collective housing comprising single-storey houses, in addition to individual users. If you like Demre single storey prefabricated house, you can fill out the price request form immediately, you can own a comfortable, convenient and practical home without wasting time.

Demre 58 m2 Plan
Demre 58 m2 Plan Demre 58 m2