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Package House

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Package House | Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.

The Key to Peace is in Your Hands

Package house models, which have a careful architectural design workmanship, create a safe area of use thanks to their comfortable and spacious design. House model that can be installed in just 1 day; It offers a modern, peaceful and adequate living space. The house you can easily use in any area you want due to its rapid installation; It consists of two rooms, a living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom and veranda. The package house, which has a size of 48 m², is one of the convenient and comfortable options among the container house types.

Package House: With Prefabricated Building Assurance

Packaged house models made of extremely high quality materials have high durability against tough outdoor conditions. Steel door options, PVC window systems, parquet-coated floor details and many other structural features support the durability of the container house model. You can meet the quality of Prefabrik Yapı, which quickly makes ready the house model that you can use for different purposes such as office, workplace, home, farmhouse, and you can meet your new home in 1 day thanks to the fast installation phase. The model, which also has fibercement coating support on its exterior, is also protected against the possibility of burning thanks to this coating.

The package house model, which you can use to create a brand new resting and working area for yourself, also includes important building parts such as kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets. Container house, which is no different from a real house in this respect, has durable doors to be used in room passages. The new generation house, which helps you to be free and peaceful with its high and light roof slope, bright interior feature and other comfortable features, is a very useful building because it contains details that are thought for you. Since it can be established and moved quickly, you can supply the houses that you can use in both zoned and non-zoned lands for various purposes and have a safe area.

Container House: A New Living Space Within Your Expectations

Package houses with modern design features can meet all the needs you can expect from a living space. It offers a safe living space with its infrastructure and interior installation options that enable you to meet vital housing needs such as electricity and water. If you want to benefit from these special living spaces and create a brand new accommodation opportunity for yourself, you can contact Prefabrik Yapı and evaluate the privileged offers immediately.

Package House - Standard Plans