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Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings

Product Category: Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings

Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings | Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş.

Prefabricated dining halls are used in construction sites, social facilities, military installations, open air and other organizations, municipality soup kitchens and suchlike places to satisfy the need of eating. CComfort conditions are very important for these structures where many people coexist at the same time. Ventilation, insulation and domestic operation should be carried in the right way.

Statically their detailed examinations should be made as they are wide-spaced places. The number of columns and their places which are determined according to static calculations are also important for the placement of furniture. The selection of materials should be done in consideration of kitchen appliances and hygiene criteria.

A-1 class incombustible fiber cement material is preferred especiall in kitchen section of prefabricated dining halls built with our Hekim Panel and Hekim Steel Carcass Systems. Project design, production and assembly in required dimensions can also be made besides our standard prefabricated dormitory plans. It is possible to disassembly and re-assembly many times.

Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings - Standard Plans