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Prefabricated Social Facilities

Product Category: Prefabricated Social Facilities

Prefabricated Social Facilities

Structures that are project designed for functions such as museum, library, scout camp, sports facilities are evaluated in the category of social and communal area. Providing all sorts of confort conditions are extremely important both for staff and the visitor in these buildings where there are multiple users. For instance, sound insulation is a criteria which must be provided for museum and library. Hygiene and solutions proper to its aim should be provided for scout camps and sports facilities.

The plan work required for our prefabricated, modularly built social and communal buildings where light steel technology is used, are constructed by our technical staff consisting of engineer and architects. Also static calculations of each building is made by taking snow and wind loads proper to climate conditions of the place where it will be built as a basis. The assembly of the buildings produced according to these calculations are also carried out by our assembly teams.

Social and communal structures are produced with Hekim Panel System, Hekim Steel Carcassed Panel System or Plated on Site System details. It is possible to have floor height of 2500 mm, 3000 mm, 3500 mm in buildings where 1250×2500 mm standard panels are used.

Fiber cement is especially preferred in exterior facade and interior panel sidings of the building, as it is A-1 class incombustible material. The panels are used as steel sheet/fiber cement siding on exterior surface, fiber cement/fiber cement siding on interior surface. All installations are project designed as flush mounted or surface mounted according to choice.

Prefabricated Social Facilities - Standard Plans