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Prefabricated Health Facilities

Product Category: Prefabricated Health Facilities

Prefabricated Health Facilities

As Prefabrik Yapı A.Ş. we have successfully performed numerous health care center, hospital, family health center, outpatient clinic and suchlike projects until today.
A big increase is seen in buildings produced with light steel technology In recent years. The reason is buildings are produced with this technology, in the quality where below advantages are listed.

  • Long-lasting, durable and safe.
  • Provides high sound, heat and water insulation.
  • Construction system whose prefabrication is carried out at the factory, provides capability for faultless and fast production.
  • Provides more efficient earthquake performance due to its flexibility and lightness.
  • Presents flexibility and elegant solutions in design
  • Shortens construction period by virtue of its easy assembly.
  • Creates an opportunity for a cleaner construction site.
  • Constructions manufactured by galvanized steel are corrosion-resistant.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Cost-effective
  • The standardization in the production system provides quality and stability in the prices of materials.
  • The construction materials have high recycling.

The projects prepared according to the standards approved by Ministry of Health of Republic of Turkey can be carried out at the height of 3,0-3,5 mt. in Hekim Steel Carcass system or Hekim Panel System details. Rock wool, glass wool or EPS options can be preferred in building insulation. Besides A-1 class incombustible fiber cement, the essential material of these types of public buildings where fire safety is especially important, is used on all surface sidings.

Prefabricated Health Facilities - Standard Plans