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Prefabricated WC-Shower Buildings

Product Category: Prefabricated WC-Shower Buildings

Prefabricated WC-Shower Buildings

Prefabricated WC-shower structures are used as industrial products in workers’ camps at the construction sites, military and scout camps, exhibitions, sports organizations etc, after disasters and and in urban designs to satisfy our most important personal needs of toilet and bathing.

Hygiene, ventilation, selection of durable and right material are the most important criteria in WC-sgower units used by more than one person. It is project designed by the place of use and avarage number of persons which will use it. In case it is an urban element, all aesthetic criteria including facade should be considered.

Special projects apart from our standard plans can be produced in our WC-shower solutions according to the customer demands. Wall panels with thicknesses between 60-100 mm are used in prefabricated WC-shower structures performed with our Hekim Panel and Hekim Steel Carcass Systems. Our standard height is 2500 mm.

Prefabricated WC-Shower Buildings - Standard Plans