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Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings

Product Category: Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings

Prefabricated Dormitory Buildings

Prefabricated dormitory structures are used for meeting the need of sleep in construction sites, factories, social facilities, military installations, scout camps and suchlike places. The person who doesn’t get a good night’s sleep will be unhappy when he wakes up in the morning. He or she doesn’t want to go to work, is restless, creates tensions around, his or her productivity will be less and quality of life will decrease!

The sleeping place should have sufficient comforts of heating, sound and light insulation for the person to sleep in a healthy environment. The importance of comfort conditions increase more as more than one person sleep in the same place in these prefabricated dormitories.

We have formed standard plans for prefabricated dormitory solutions. Project designing can also be mad efor special demands. Wet volume solutions are performed according to users’ choices in prefabricated dormitory structuresperformed with our Hekim Panel and Hekim Steel Carcass Systems. Options of personal or multiple use patterns can be used. Use of A-1 class incombustible fiber cement is preferred especially for these intensively used places. Our prefabricated dormitories allow for multiple use as in our other building types.